Vart spelade Maldini?

Vart spelade Maldini?

Vart spelade Maldini?

Paolo Maldini, född i Milano, Italien, är en italiensk före detta professionell fotbollsspelare som främst spelade som vänsterback och mittback för AC Milan och det italienska landslaget.

När slutade Paolo Maldini?

2009Paolo Maldini / Aktiv till

Is Maldini left footed?

Although he played as a left back for most of his career, Maldini was naturally right footed, and began playing for Milan as a right back. He was switched to the left back position by manager Arrigo Sacchi due to the presence of Mauro Tassotti on the right for Milan.

How good was Gianluigi Maldini?

During his years at Milan, Maldini played at a world class level for his entire career spanning two-and-a-half decades, and won the Best Defender trophy at the UEFA Club Football Awards at the age of 39, as well as the Serie A Defender of the Year Award in 2004.

What was Maldini's last match for Milan?

On , in the Stadio Friuli, Maldini played his 900th official match for Milan in a league game against Udinese. Maldini's last match in San Siro was on 24 May, a 3–2 loss against Roma, and was given a standing ovation by the fans.

How good was Fabian Maldini?

Maldini was renowned for his technical ability, athleticism, sliding tackles, stamina, composure and fast energetic forward runs as a left-back or wing-back.

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