Vad kostar poledance?

Vad kostar poledance?

Vad kostar poledance?

Träna 1 gång i veckan under 8 veckor. Du har din plats på vald klass för 1 400 kr (pole 1 eller 2) 1 500 kr (pole 3). Flernivå-klasser; 1400 kr (pole 1-2) 1600 kr (pole 2-3).

What is it like being a pole dance instructor?

Many pole dance instructors have other work commitments alongside teaching pole dancing, they may have another job, or teach other classes outside of their pole life. This means there’s a lot to juggle, and it can be very challenging to manage at times.

Where can I learn pole dancing in the UK?

POLEPEOPLE Pole Dance Instructor Training POLEPEOPLE have been offering Certified Pole Instructor Qualifications for over 10 years. Based in London, their courses are certified by SkillsActive, the Official British Health and Fitness Certifying Organisation.

Can you use a dance pole every day?

Using a dance pole every day is going to have mostly positive effects on your body and your overall fitness. Part of the remit of being a pole dance instructor requires you to spend extra time at the gym, studio, or working out at home, improving your knowledge and skills to pass on to others.

Is Xpert fitness good for teaching pole dancing?

They are also endorsed by PDC and the Pole Safe Federation. They also offer accredited courses in teaching Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammock, Flexibility Flow and Children’s Pole & Aerial Teacher Training. So, don’t stop at Pole Dancing – become an all-out aerial instructor with XPERT Fitness!

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