När kommer Coldplay till Sverige 2022?

När kommer Coldplay till Sverige 2022?

När kommer Coldplay till Sverige 2022?

Det brittiska rockbandet, med Chris Martin i spetsen, är klara för en efterlängtad konsert i Friends Arena Stockholm den 3 juli nästa år. Den 27 november klockan 09:00 släpps biljetterna.

Vilket land kommer Coldplay från?

Coldplay är en brittisk alternativrock grupp som bildades i London, England, 1996. Gruppen består av sångaren/pianisten/gitarristen Chris Martin, sologitarristen Jonny Buckland, basisten Guy Berryman, och trummisen/multi-instrumentalisten Will Champion.

Vad heter Coldplay?

Chris MartinPiano Guy BerrymanElbasPhil HarveyWill ChampionPianoJonny BucklandPiano Coldplay/Medlemmar

What is it like to go to a Coldplay concert?

This concert was an unforgettable experience. Coldplay played many of the classical songs and many of the new ones! The sound was good and the theater provided bracelets that changed colors synchronized with the music. It was wonderful. Never seen something like this! Coldplay started at 6pm o’clock so they are very punctual, keep that in mind.

How much do Coldplay get paid per hour?

The paper reports that if the band’s income was spread out over 24 hours per day in 2017, they would be on an hourly wage of £1,812.50. Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes has confirmed the band won’t be back on the road until “2021 at the earliest.”

What is Coldplay famous for?

Coldplay is one of the best-loved British rock bands in the world, with numerous tours, top sellers and awards to their name. Formed in 1996, the band's original line-up comprised Chris Martin, the lead vocalist, and Jonny Buckland, the lead guitarist, who met at University College in London.

How many records have Coldplay sold?

Coldplay have sold over 60 million records across the world and have toured extensively across Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia and Africa.

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