Vad heter Ofelias bror?

Vad heter Ofelias bror?

Vad heter Ofelias bror?

Samma dag som Ham- let och Ofelias bror Laertes återvän- der till slottet, dränker hon sig.

How does Horatio serve as Hamlet's foil throughout the play?

Horatio serves as Hamlet 's foil throughout the play and is his loyal friend. As was mentioned in the previous post, Horatio is trustworthy, rational, and level-headed. Hamlet confides in Horatio throughout the play, and Horatio is always quick to offer sound advice. In contrast, Hamlet hesitates to take action...

Why does hamlet ignore Horatio’s advice?

The fact that Hamlet usually ignores Horatio’s advice is beside the point: the point is about the entrance Horatio gives us to Hamlet’s mind as Hamlet tells him how he’s feeling and what he’s planning to do.

What is Hor Horatio's role in Hamlet?

Horatio is a student as Hamlet is. His role is to serve as a confidant to Hamlet and to offer advice. As a foil, he calls out attention to Hamlet's main character traits as well.

How does Hamlet's character differ from Horatio's character?

There are moments throughout the play where Hamlet is loquacious, while Horatio is not inclined to use elaborate wordplay whenever he speaks. Horatio is also more reserved and shows restraint, while Hamlet has a tendency to act impulsively. Hamlet also has a melancholy personality and is attracted to anything with a macabre atmosphere.

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