Vilket språk pratar BLACKPINK?

Vilket språk pratar BLACKPINK?

Vilket språk pratar BLACKPINK?

Det här är Lisa i Blackpink I dag talar hon flytande koreanska och dessutom engelska, japanska och thai.

Vem är jag i BLACKPINK?

Lalisa ManobalMain Dancer Jennie KimRappareKim JisooSångRoséLead Dancer Blackpink/Medlemmar


BLACKPINK är ett av de mest kända och omtyckta kvinnliga banden i Sydkorea. I början av 2019 fick BLACKPINK som första k-pop-grupp även uppträda på Coachella i USA. Från och med september 2021 är BLACKPINK den mest prenumererade aristen på YouTube.

Why is Jennie so good at rapping?

Jennie has a great flow to her rapping; it seems that rapping comes very naturally to her. Jennie has the perfect voice for rapping. Her voice is very versatile: she can change between a softer tone, a soulful tone or a powerful tone.

Did Jennie actually write her raps in BP?

If it were to come out, officially, on KOMCA, that Jennie actually wrote a majority of her raps in BP, I would probably top5 her, all time female kpop rappers. I like her a lot, but she backseats to writers.

Is Jennie from Blackpink a rapper?

Jennie is the main rapper of Blackpink as we all know, but in their newest releases, “How you like that” and their most recent, “Ice cream” featuring Selena Gomez, she doesn’t rap at all. This all has to do with the fact that not only she is the main rapper of Blackpink, but also the lead vocalist.

Why is Lisa the main rapper and not Jennie?

Jennie is main rapper because she is a better rapper than Lisa in my opinion and, apparently, in YG’s opinion since they made Jennie the main rapper lol. So why does Lisa rap instead of Jennie? Simple. Jennie is a better vocalist.

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