Hur snabbt kan Eminem rappa?

Hur snabbt kan Eminem rappa?

Hur snabbt kan Eminem rappa?

Nu står det klart att han slår sitt egna världsrekord med “Rap God” på nya albumspåret “Godzilla”. På låtens tredje vers har man räknat ut att han rappar 229 ord på 30 sekunder, det vill säga 7.6 ord per sekund(!).

What is Eminem’s Godzilla challenge?

Eminem launched the challenge on Tuesday afternoon through Twitter, offering prizes to some of his favourites “who can spit it.” He also included a video of himself doing the challenge. “Fill ‘em with the venom and eliminate ‘em” @triller #GodzillaChallenge is on. Who can spit it?

What is the meaning of Godzilla by Eminem and Juice Wrld?

Eminem and late rapper Juice WRLD team up for the first time on “Godzilla,” where they compare themselves to monsters. In particular, they become Godzilla, a fictional sea monster that is known for its mass destruction and endless killing.

Who are the actors in the Eminem music videos?

Directed by Cole Bennett, one of the biggest names in music video production, and starring Dr. Dre, retired boxer Mike Tyson, Eminem, actress Anna Dahl, and actor George Todd McLachlan, portraying a young Eminem. Juice WRLD appears in the video as well using older stock footage.

How fast did Eminem rap in the lip sync?

The fan lip synced Em’s verse while simultaneously showing his collection of vinyl Eminem albums. How fast did Eminem rap in the third verse? In the final thirty seconds of the third verse, Eminem rapped 224 words (328 syllables) at 7.46 words per second (10.93 syllables per second).

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