Vilket djur är jag app?

Vilket djur är jag app?

Vilket djur är jag app?

Appen kallas för Seek och använder sig av artificiell intelligens för att artbestämma växterna och djuren som användaren fotograferar. iNaturalist drog igång sin ursprungstjänst redan 2008 och sedan dess har deras användare registrerat över 150.000 olika arter på tjänsten.

What is plantsnap app?

As an additional reason to use this app, in partnership with, PlantSnap plants new trees when the app users share their photos. PlantSnap has planted already over 10,000 new trees throughout the world, according to the Google Play app description. Unfortunately, this app is not completely free. It has a free and a premium version.

What can I See with the plantsnap plant identifier?

With the PlantSnap plant identifier, you can also zoom in on the photos to see every detail of the flowers, leaves, indoor plant, mushroom, cacti, ornamental plant, carnivorous plant, and succulents identified around the world. Experience our augmented reality technology! Thinking of walking in the park or in a garden?

What is the LeafSnap app?

According to the app description, LeafSnap can identify about 90% of all known species of plants and trees. I consider LeafSnap like a combination of Pl@ntNet and PlantSnap since it includes some similarities with these two apps. This app is free but contains ads. It also has a premium version that removes these ads.

How can I contact plantsnap tech support?

PLEASE write to [email protected] so tech support can help you. The PlantSnap database covers every country on Earth, is translated into 37 languages, and is 96% accurate when used properly.

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